Project Profile – Clean Ohio Assistance Fund, Riverside Rail


The project is a 35-acre former municipal landfill located adjacent to a major rail siding in Summit County. The remediation of the site will create a much needed industrial development with access to heavy rail.p10

BJAAM worked with the Barberton Community Development Corporation (BCDC) and the Summit County Port Authority (SCPA) to develop a COAF Grant through the Ohio Department of Development to perform a VAP Phase II Environmental Site Assessment. BJAAM developed and assured the completion of the COAF grant application, project budget, VAP Phase I, and the VAP sampling and analysis plan (SAP). Zach Pierce, BJAAM’s Executive Director of Brownfield Services served as the technical contact for ODOD and OEPA personnel regarding the grant application, technical updates on the project, project reporting, invoicing, and compliance with the project budget and PACE. A total of 88 soil samples were collected and analyzed for COCs from soil borings installed at the Subject Property. Thirty (30) additional soil samples were collected for the purpose of data confirmation. Twelve (12) groundwater monitoring wells were installed through landfill intervals using dual casing methodology to prevent cross contamination between native and non-native fill material. Groundwater was evaluated for COCs. Sediment samples were collected from an onsite drainage swale traversing the northern portion of the property. A Property Specific Risk Assessment (PSRA) was conducted to evaluate direct contact to soils by commercial/industrial and construction/excavation workers, soil to groundwater leaching, soil and groundwater to indoor air, construction/excavation worker exposure to groundwater, ecological receptors. The final project reports were completed and submitted to Ohio EPA and ODOD in June 2009.

Although the VAP Phase II was complete, some minor environmental impacts remained above applicable VAP standards. The BCDC contracted with BJAAM to finish the project and issue a VAP Certified Professional NFA, so the property could be marketed for re-use. The NFA, including the VAP Phase I, VAP Phase II, and Risk Assessment was completed in April 2011.


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