Project Profile – Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund, Central Park of Gahanna


The property formerly known as the Bedford I Landfill is situated on two parcels of nearly 90 acres (65 acres within the waste limits). Bedford I operated from 1970 until 1995. The original Bedford I permit allowed disposal of solid and semi-solid materials from industrial, commercial, agricultural, residential and demolition sources. The majority of the Bedford I waste fill area (47 acres) was closed under the 1976 Solid Waste Rules. The more recently landfilled area of Bedford I (18 acres) should have been closed under the 1990 rules as opposed to the 1976 rules but was never properly closed. Improper closure of the 18 acres and failure to properly upkeep the remaining 47 acres of the landfill have contributed to environmental hazards at the site and have increased the potential for release of hazardous substances.
Groundwater sampling conducted between 1989-2005 revealed concentrations of heavy metals, inorganic constituents, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Ponding of surface water, which contributes to leachate formation and outbreaks, was also a chronic problem at the site. Leachate samples contained significantly elevated concentrations of VOCs and heavy metals. In addition, heavy rains caused contaminated ponded water to be washed into unnamed tributaries of Big Walnut Creek.

Through a negotiated cap in liability from the Ohio EPA, the Central Ohio Community Improvement Corporation (COCIC) took ownership of the Bedford Landfill in June 2005 and shortly thereafter completed a Round 3 CORF Application. The project was awarded 3-Million Dollars to implement the Ohio EPA approved Closure/Post Closure Plan.

BJAAM has completed a Rule 13 Application Submittal on behalf of COCIC for the Bedford I Landfill Facility. The Rule 13 Application was prepared in accordance with the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) 3743-27-13, requiring authorization to engage in filling, grading, excavating, building, drilling, or mining on land where a hazardous waste or solid waste facility was operated. The scope of the request included authorization to construct a 9-hole golf course, driving range and pitch and putt course on the area known as the former Bedford I Landfill. Associated activities included, but were not limited, to the construction of: tees, greens, bunkers, landscape design; and the installation of utilities, including storm water management and irrigation systems within the limits of the property.

As part of the development team, BJAAM personnel worked to secure additional financing and developed the contractor Request for Qualifications (RFQ)/Request for Proposals (RFP) for the project. BJAAM personnel worked with the development team to evaluate RFQ/RFP responses to ensure the firm with the best possible rates and with the necessary qualifications to complete the project was chosen. All CORF requirements were met and the closure of the landfill is complete and adjacent properties included in CORF application have been remediated through the VAP program and the NFA completed and submitted to Ohio EPA and ODOD.

Construction of a golf training and executive 9-hole course on the actual landfill is complete and the grand opening was July 21, 2011. The developer anticipates the final development will encompass over 191-acres and over 1-million square feet of office space, representing a significant capital investment and an estimated 4,000 new jobs and accompanying tax revenue. This new investment and redevelopment includes the nearly 100 acres adjacent to the Bedford I Landfill in which development had been hindered by the landfill.


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