Project Profile – Inactive Gasoline Station, Allen County, OH

The site is a former gasoline fueling facility located in Allen County, Ohio that retained release coverage through the Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Release Compensation Board (PUSTRCB).  Post completion of the BUSTR Tier 2 Evaluation Report, the bulk of the contaminated portion of the site was purchased by the State of Ohio, through eminent domain, for use by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT).  BJAAM worked with the responsible party and ODOT to maintain PUSTRCB coverage and to achieve a No Further Action (NFA) letter from BUSTR.  Corrective actions included the completion of an Interim Response Action (IRA) excavation and a Tier 3 Evaluation that included groundwater monitoring and calibration of the groundwater fate and transport model.  BUSTR issued the site NFA status on July 13, 2016.    PUSTRCB reimbursement denials on this project were 1.25% and 8.66% respectively for pre and post purchase by the State of Ohio.


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