BJAAM Environmental Inc., Landfill Operations and Maintenance Division provides a wide range of landfill gas collection and monitoring services to the solid waste industry.

We provide the following services to the Solid Waste Industry sector:

  • Environmental Permitting and Compliance Reporting (Waste, Water, Air)
  • Risk Assessment
  • Emergency Response
  • Storm Water Sampling
  • EPCRA Reporting
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Gas collection system operation, maintenance and compliance monitoring
  • LFG collection system trouble shooting and repair
  • LFG well raising
  • LFG line installation and repair
  • Condensate and Leachate line trouble shooting and repair
  • Excavation and trenching operations/services
  • Surface Emissions monitoring and reporting
  • Line jetting
  • Vacuum truck services
  • Gas probe monitoring, compliance sampling and reporting
  • Pneumatic and electric leachate pump installation and maintenance
  • LFG design and 5-year planning
  • Data management and compliance reporting
  • Experienced in tuning and operating SSO impacted wellfields
  • Ground water monitoring, compliance sampling and reporting
  • Gas probe and ground water well drilling and installation

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