Zachary Pierce

Vice President, Executive Director of Brownfield Services

Ohio EPA VAP Certified Professional #391

(330) 854-5300 ext. 222

Abandoned Gas Station Cleanup Grant Program

Abandoned Gas Station Cleanup Fund

BJAAM Environmental, Inc. was the first consultant to achieve an NFA under this program.

Environmental Remediation

Pioneering remediation technology with proven results.

Act 2 Pennsylvania Liability Relief

Act 2 Pennsylvania Liability Relief

Pennsylvania’s Land Recycling Program or simply Act 2 encourages the voluntary cleanup and reuse of contaminated commercial sites.

Ohio Voluntary Action Program


BJAAM Environmental, Inc. has been assisting clients with the Ohio Voluntary Action Program since 1994.

Brownfield Redevelopment

Site Redevelopment

BJAAM Environmental, Inc. has guided the redevelopment of thousands of acres of environmental liabilities and transformed the landscape.