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We are available Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm by phone at (330) 854-5300 or e-mail at We also have Emergency Response that can be reached by calling (330) 854-5300 and selecting option 1 on the menu or by calling (866) 478-6591.


BJAAM has pioneered a Corrective Actions procedure with the approval of several state UST agencies that reduces the time required to receive a No Further Action (NFA) status and reduces the overall project costs. During the development of this initiative, BJAAM created a streamlined process that allows for expedited corrective actions that produce immediate results.


BJAAM’s multi-discipline staff enables BJAAM to not only effectively and efficiently staff projects, but also to assist in all phases of a project where needed and/or requested. The firm is also closely affiliated with a broad network of experts specializing in: engineering, chemistry, occupational medicine, safety, structural and civil engineering, architecture, and environmental law.

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    Close up of Troy Schultz, President and CEO of BJAAM Environmental, Inc.

    Troy Schultz

    CEO; President
    (330) 854-5300 ext. 113

    close up of Jeffrey Myers, chief operating officer at BJAAM Environmental, Inc.

    Jeff Myers

    Executive Vice President; Principal

    Chief Operating Officer
    (330) 854-5300 ext. 116

    Close up of Jason Grecco, Vice President, Director of UST Services, and Director of Sales and Marketing for BJAAM Environmental, Inc.

    Jason Grecco

    Vice President; Principal

    Director of UST Services
    Director of Sales and Marketing
    (330) 854-5300 ext. 110

    close up of Zachary Piece, vice president and Director of Brownfield Services for BJAAM Environmental, Inc.

    Zachary Pierce

    Vice President; Principal

    Director of Brownfield Services
    (330) 854-5300 ext. 222

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