Zachary Pierce

Vice President, Director of Brownfield Services

Ohio EPA VAP Certified Professional #391

(330) 854-5300 ext. 222

BJAAM completes Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) for a myriad of properties, including heavy industrial, light industrial, commercial, agricultural, and residential. BJAAM evaluates the assessment of a property in a phased process from the client perspective: identify potential risk, evaluate the potential risk, and mitigate the potential risk. Each phase of the assessment is designed to meet the specific need of each client, whether property transfer, development, or corrective action, without jeopardizing the accuracy or thoroughness of the assessment.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment is conducted to evaluate the potential presence of environmental liabilities at a property. In the past, Phase I ESAs were able to be completed by environmental firms and individuals with varying degrees of qualification. However, with the advent of the U.S. EPA All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) regulations, the scope and nature of the Phase I ESA has become increasingly more significant and obtaining a qualified environmental professional to conduct such inquiry is a necessity in today’s Phase I ESA market. BJAAM professionals have the knowledge and experience to complete the necessary AAI due diligence while meeting the specific project goal of each of our clients.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

When extra due diligence is needed, BJAAM is here with the experience to conduct a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment.

Phase II ESAs are completed to determine the presence and/or extent of potential chemical hazards at a property. The Phase II ESA is typically completed based on the findings and recommendations of the Phase I ESA. The Phase II usually includes soil and ground water sampling and can involve sediment, surface water, and even air sampling, depending on the complexities of the project. When all applicable sampling is complete, a report of findings, including sampling data and recommendations, is generated and provided to the client.

What separates BJAAM from typical environmental consultants who perform Phase II assessments is that BJAAM owns and operates our own field investigation equipment used during the Phase II, including:

  • Geoprobe 6620DT direct push rig
  • Hollow stem auger drill rigs
  • Aquifer characterization equipment
  • GPS and GIS database links
  • Ground penetrating radar (GPR)
  • On-site mobile laboratory services

BJAAM gains a tremendous scheduling and project management advantage over its competition due to its efficient field operations. BJAAM professionals have control over the Phase II assessment, both from a technical and project implementation standpoint. BJAAM not only has the technical expertise to design and manage these complex Phase II assessments, but also the knowledgeable field personnel to complete the field activities on time and within budget.