BJAAM Environmental, Inc.

Comprehensive Environmental Consulting and Contracting

BJAAM Environmental, Inc. (BJAAM) was formed in 1989 by a group of geologists to provide a wide range of environmental contracting services. Today, our specialists offer clients a superior level of proven technical knowledge and problem-solving skills. We provide our wide range of environmental services to a diverse clientele including private landowners, local and regional government, economic development agencies, legal professionals, fuel distributors and retailers, commercial/industrial real estate agents and brokers, and lending institutions. BJAAM professionals successfully navigate the complex network of differing environmental regulations to develop practical and cost conscious solutions to meet each client’s needs.

BJAAM employs staff members across a wide array of disciplines ranging from geological sciences, environmental field services, senior level project managers, remedial design and engineering, Brownfield redevelopment funding, commercial real estate transaction due diligence, accounting and claims services.  BJAAM’s multi-discipline staff enables BJAAM to not only effectively and efficiently staff projects, but also to assist in all phases of a project where needed and/or requested.  The firm is also closely affiliated with a broad network of experts specializing in: engineering, chemistry, occupational medicine, safety, structural and civil engineering, architecture, and environmental law.

Unlike most contracting firms, BJAAM owns and operates our own field investigation, mobile office, and remediation equipment.  Having in-house access to this equipment gives BJAAM a tremendous budgeting, scheduling and project management advantage over typical environmental consulting firms.  This capability leads to job costs savings and the ability to negotiate lower equipment rates.  An added advantage is the elimination of potential sub-contractor scheduling delays and the ability to mobilize equipment and field personnel at a moment’s notice.