Jason Grecco

Vice President, Director of UST Services

  • Certified Professional Geologist
  • Licensed Remediation Specialist
  • (330) 854-5300 ext. 110
  • jgrecco@bjaam.com

Whenever environmental consulting is needed, BJAAM Environmental, Inc. can provide expertise and innovative solutions. Our professionals are well versed in environmental compliance, environmental science, as well as the many industries we serve. The knowledge of both the regulations and each client’s unique situation allows us to develop an approach that will work best for each case.

Expert Witness

The professionals at BJAAM Environmental, Inc. have provided expert witness reports and testimony on behalf of several major oil companies, insurance companies, and other private companies regarding contaminated properties.

Partnering Opportunities

BJAAM Environmental, Inc. can supply whatever expertise is needed to complete a project in a legally defensible and often innovative manner.