BJAAM Environmental, Inc. has been working to expand in-house drilling and excavation services. Over the past few years, there have been many new pieces of equipment added to support these departments. Field personnel have the knowledge and expertise to safely operate the new BJAAM-owned equipment to get our clients the results they need in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Meanwhile, our project managers have the expertise to make sure the project complies with environmental regulations along the way.

Drilling Services

Environmental drilling can offer a variety of solutions when investigating, monitoring, or remediating an area. BJAAM offers two types of environmental drilling – direct-push drilling and air rotary drilling. Direct-push drilling involves using the weight of the machine in combination with the force of a percussion hammer to drill into the ground without soil cuttings. While air rotary drilling uses auger rotation to cut into the ground and subsurface rock.

BJAAM owns the equipment to perform both the direct-push drilling and air rotary drilling in-house. Multiple teams can now perform drilling activities at the same time with the addition of a second Geoprobe 7822DT and a new Freightliner M2-106 mounted with our freshly refurbished Acker Soil Max. To support drilling activities concurrently across the service area, BJAAM purchased a second Vermeer LP 573 SDT LITE (“soil vac”). By supplying our crews with their own equipment, our employees are safer knowing their equipment is properly maintained and in working order. Scheduling is more flexible for our clients by eliminating a third party’s schedule to work around. As a result, the cost of projects are also reduced.

BJAAM can handle environmental drilling projects from soil sampling to the installation of monitoring wells. Our lead driller, Carl Wending, has been with BJAAM for over sixteen years, and our project managers have over 160 years of combined experience in the environmental field. We are confident our personnel have the experience and knowledge to efficiently solve your environmental drilling needs.

Excavation Services

Environmental excavation can be especially useful during site remediation projects but also practical during environmental sampling events and environmental emergencies. Large equipment and excavations are crucial for tasks such as underground storage tank (UST) removals and the removal of large areas of contaminated soils. During environmental emergencies, excavation may be vital to contain the spread of a contaminant. While remediating a site, demolitions of both aboveground and underground structures may be required and are often performed during grant-funded projects.

To complete a wide variety of environmental excavation projects, BJAAM has supplied itself with a full inventory of equipment. At the core of our unit is a Freightliner M2-106 dump truck, two skid steers, and a track hoe. Safety is the number one priority during any job, and owning our own equipment is one way we can ensure this. Our Atlas (CAT) 188 CFM Air Compressor increases safety during many UST removals. For example, it can act as an eductor (air horn) when a UST doesn’t meet the lower explosive limit and “blow down” the tank prior to removal. By working with the same equipment from project to project, we know that our equipment is properly maintained and in working order every time it heads to a site.

BJAAM can handle projects from building demolitions to underground storage tank removals to environmental emergency response. Our project managers have unparalleled experience in the environmental field managing complex projects. In the field, our equipment operators and technicians have the expertise and finesse to safely complete required tasks.  Together, our field staff and office personnel can solve your environmental excavation needs in a timely and costly manner.