Want to be prepared for an environmental emergency?
Look no further than BJAAM Environmental, Inc.!
BJAAM offers 24/7 environmental emergency services 365 days a year.

When the unexpected happens, BJAAM will be there to provide emergency response management. Often, this includes oversight of the incident and correspondence with the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations, first responders, and property owners. Throughout the event and following clean-up, we commit to keeping the client and agencies informed of the situation. By making sure everyone is aware of situation and the variables involved, the cleanup process can commence as smoothly as possible with as little involvement from the government as possible.

In addition to project management, BJAAM offers spill response for overfills, mechanical failure, leaking containers or accidents. The spill investigation, assessment, containment, and mitigation activities can be completed from start to finish with our highly trained staff and well-maintained equipment. This may include recovery and disposal of liquid material, excavation and disposal of impacted soil media, and the installation of interceptor trenches and recovery wells. Once we remove the contamination, we can provide oversight and management of disposal of the impacted media at the proper, licensed facilities. Throughout the response, BJAAM project managers can facilitate the required agency reporting and prepare the ensuing insurance claims.

Sometimes an environmental emergency is not clearly visible, but an odor is detected in ambient air. In these cases, BJAAM performs nuisance odor and vapor investigations to discover what is causing the issue and get it taken care of. Activities that may be needed include source identification and odor or vapor mitigation. We can then perform the on-going monitoring and follow-up services. Meanwhile, we also offer reporting and correspondence with government agencies where necessary throughout the investigation and following activities.

A quick response time means having constant access to the needed tools to complete the job. To ensure this happens every time, we own and operate our equipment. BJAAM’s emergency response equipment includes:
• Response trucks with reflective decals, strobe lights, and battery/inverter power
• CAT Mini Excavator
• CAT Skid Steer
• Multiple Drilling Rigs
• Multiple Track-Mounted Geoprobes
• Multiple Soil Vacs
• Mobile Dual-Phase Extraction Treatment Systems
• Mobile Injection System
• RAE Systems, MultiRAE, and MultiRAE Lite gas monitors
• Reusable Containment Booms
• Interface Probes
• Telescoping Hand Auger
• Metal Detector
• Explosion-Proof Inline Fan
• Absorbent Materials: granular absorbent and oil-only booms, pads, socks, pillows, and sweeps
• 55-Gallon Steel Drums, Contractor Trash Bags, Plastic Sheeting
• Brooms, Shovels, Rakes, Grate Hooks, Boom Hooks, Etc.
• Sealants: tape, caulk, spray foam, putty, concrete, bentonite
• Concrete Coring Drill
• Wet/Dry Vacuum (for Non-Explosives Only)

Proper coordination during an environmental emergency is essential to keeping your site in compliance and avoiding unnecessary fines and potential third-party litigation. BJAAM’s partners can provide additional support equipment and services to aid in larger remedial efforts, such as vacuum trucks, frac tanks, roll-off boxes, wet knifing, sewer flushing/catch basin cleaning, confined space IDLH entry, and sewer camera surveys. For larger projects, permanent, permitted, indoor, or explosion-proof sub-slab vapor removal systems may be needed. Others may require large area or fast current waterway spill response.

Questions about how to prepare for an environmental emergency?
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If you are experiencing an environmental emergency, please call 330-854-5300 and select option one for the emergency response hotline.