BJAAM Environmental, Inc. is proud to announce the addition of several new finance team members, as well as a restructuring of the department. Previously the administrative department, the newly termed finance department is now headed by the Chief Operating Officer, Jeffrey Myers. The addition of six new employees and one temporary employee has grown the department significantly. Each employee brings specialized skills to the department and is helping promote the forward momentum of the company.

BJAAM Finance Team standing outside the corporate headquarters
Finance Team outside BJAAM Environmental, Inc. corporate headquarters
Back row: Kaitlin, Michael, Toni, Jeffrey, Troy, Tony, Raquel
Front row: Meagan, Christa, Brenda, Ryan, Rebekah

Jeffrey Myers – Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Myers has been with BJAAM for over twenty-two years and recently became a shareholder in the company during 2018. As Chief Operating Officer, he oversees the finance department and emergency response division and is responsible for business development, contract negotiations, and company-wide employee supervision. He graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelor of Science in Geological and Earth Sciences and is now a certified professional geologist that has over twenty-four years of experience in the oil and gas environmental industry. “BJAAM has become by home away from home. The employees, the culture, the work-ethic(s). the innovation, and the sense of belonging is second to none for me. It’s refreshing to be around people with similar professional vision and interests.”

Toni – Director of Finance

Toni has been with BJAAM for almost eight years and was recently promoted to Director of Finance. With over thirty years of office experience, she manages the invoicing, claims, and payables departments; she is also responsible for general office administration and invoice creation, auditing, and submission. Previously, she has worked in the industrial service industry where she was the billing specialist and timekeeper for field crews. Her favorite thing about working for BJAAM is the people she works with.

Michael – Senior Accountant

Michael recently came back to BJAAM in June and has over thirteen years invested in working for the company. He manages PUSTRCB and USTIF claims as well as any special projects in the finance department. Using his Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Akron, he has worked for both local and global environmental firms ranging from twenty to two-thousand employees. Michael felt drawn back to BJAAM because of the people. “After thirteen years of service I decided to change career paths but found myself missing the family atmosphere and personal relationships I had developed over the years. In 2020 I had an opportunity to rejoin BJAAM and it was an easy decision to come home,” he said. “We are all here working together for a common goal to support each other and the company. It is a great atmosphere that is absent in larger firms. What you do here matters. What we all do together matters more. It’s that simple.”

Christa – Staff Accountant

Christa has been in the accounting field for over twenty-six years, seven of which have been with BJAAM. She is responsible for payables, employee expenses, purchase orders, and general office administration. The feeling that “We are a wonderful work family” is her favorite thing about working for BJAAM, and many feel part of the positive energy is due to her bubbly personality and willingness to always help out.

Raquel – Senior Accountant and Executive Assistant

Raquel was recently promoted to Senior Accountant and Executive Assistant and has been with BJAAM since 2018. Her responsibilities consist of the oversight of a variety of insurances, certifications, and licenses for the company and financials including reporting, taxes, and payroll. She has two bachelor’s degrees, one in English from Gabriel Rene Moreno University in Santa Cruz, Bolivia and one in Accounting from Kent State University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. Working together to achieve a common goal and being part of a great team are her favorite things about BJAAM.

Kaitlin – Junior Staff Accountant

Kaitlin started at BJAAM in February 2020 and assists with payables, invoicing, and contractor registration. She recently graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Management. During school, she worked as an Administrative Assistant for Fairlawn Landscape Supply doing invoicing, accounts receivable, and managing daily operations. “BJAAM is a great place to work because every day is different, and it keeps the job fresh and exciting. No two days are alike,” she replied when asked what she likes best about working for the company.

Meagan – Junior Staff Accountant

Meagan started at BJAAM in March 2020 and manages employee insurance, 401k plans, the hiring process, and claim tracking, creation, and processing. She graduated from the University of Akron with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, and then worked for the Firestone Country Club as an Accounting Assistant and an accounting firm, where she continues to help prepare tax returns each tax season. Despite being new to the team at BJAAM, she said there is a feeling of family, and “everyone is willing to help when I have a question.” She also enjoys how clearly the company cares for their employees and the flexibility in the workplace.

Brenda – Junior Staff Accountant

Brenda started at BJAAM in December 2019 and is the first smiling face you see upon entering the corporate building. She is responsible for the front desk, managing mail and shipments, and the correspondence processing. She went to school for nursing at Lorain County Community College; after much of her career in the medical field, she decided to switch gears by coming to BJAAM. There are many things she likes about the company, some of which include the relaxed atmosphere and people she works with.

Ryan – Junior IT and Network Administrator

Ryan started at BJAAM in April 2020 and manages the phone and building security systems and IT/PC support. He spent three years as an Active Duty Army Infantryman stationed in Hawaii and earned a variety of military certifications. Self and community improvement are often a personal goal of those who join the military, and Ryan feels BJAAM allows him to further that goal. “My favorite thing about BJAAM is the opportunities that are given to better yourself and the company,” he said. “And to do it, all you have to do is ask.”

Tony – Temporary IT Support

Tony began at BJAAM in May 2020 to provide temporary IT support to the company. He has over forty-five years of experience in the IT field and has worked in various IT departments including helpdesk, telecom, database, network services, and security. Most of his career was spent at The Babcock and Wilcox Company in various positions and at Compass Systems and Sales as IT Director. Though he officially retired in 2019, he stays busy in the IT field at BJAAM and Compass and his “fun” retirement job at Cinemark Tinseltown. His college background is equally impressive with an Associate of Applied Science in Data Processing from the University of Akron, a Bachelor of Arts in Management from Malone University, and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. When asked about his favorite thing about BJAAM, Tony quickly replied with a smile, “Everyone is friendly!”

Rebekah – Social Media Marketer and Contract/Grant Coordinator

Rebekah started at BJAAM in February 2020 and is responsible for contract management in the finance department. Under Jason Grecco, Vice President and Director of Sales and Marketing, she also manages the company website and social media marketing. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Kent State University with a Bachelor of Science in Zoology while working for the Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Resource Management. Post-graduation, she worked seasonally for the Stark County Park District as a Natural Resource Specialist and as a substitute teacher for many Stark County school districts. “BJAAM is different from anywhere I’ve worked in the past. They really have created a great work environment; it’s clear those in charge care for their employees and have a passion for what they do.”