Zachary Pierce

Vice President, Director of Brownfield Services

Ohio EPA VAP Certified Professional #391

(330) 854-5300 ext. 222

BJAAM’s environmental professionals possess the expertise to jump start a community Brownfield Redevelopment initiative using available state and federal grants. Brownfields grants and low interest loans have been made available through state and federal bi-partisan supported redevelopment initiatives.  Communities throughout the nation are now vying for new and existing businesses to call their community home while concurrently facing the issue of finding available, environmentally uninhibited real estate to support a new industry.

BJAAM professionals have proven success in completing awarded grant applications for state and federal programs including the Jobs Ohio Grants, Ohio Water Development Authority (OWDA) grants and loans, Abandoned Gas Station (AGS) Grant Program, and U.S. EPA Grants for Community Wide Assessment and Site Specific Cleanup of petroleum and hazardous waste contaminated properties. 

BJAAM’s grant writing success has brought clientele millions of dollars in combined state and federal grant funding for environmental assessments, remediation, and redevelopment planning.  BJAAM’s grant consulting and combined environmental assessment and remediation work has helped transform thousands of acres of former industrial and commercial real estate into viable redevelopment sites.  Brownfields redevelopment is a function of the local real estate market, and risk and uncertainty are major factors in an investor’s decision-making process – particularly when environmental contamination is present.  BJAAM professionals have spearheaded numerous negotiations with business leaders, environmental agencies, community development organizations and other bodies of government to create cost effective brownfields Initiatives for the reuse of environmentally inhibited assets.

At the heart of BJAAM’s grant program management department is the future and vision of your community.  BJAAM professionals are experts at combining the energy of grass roots efforts with the power of monetary infusion to ensure the success of a brownfield Initiative.

Benefits of working with BJAAM to creating a local brownfields Initiative include:

  • Reducing environmental costs;
  • Efficient and timely remediation;
  • Sustaining property for future use;
  • Compliance with standards and regulations;
  • Economic redevelopment; and
  • Protection of health and safety