BJAAM frequently shares its expertise by partnering with other engineering and consulting firms to resolve environmental problems. BJAAM can be an invisible partner by providing reports under the partner’s report cover and letterhead. Such partnering arrangements often lead to long-lasting business relationships. Key to these relationships is BJAAM’s ability to establish mutually beneficial boundaries prior to project development. For example, some companies may lack expertise in several critical fields, or may have needs in one particular area. Regardless, BJAAM can supply whatever expertise is needed to complete a project in a legally defensible and often innovative manner.

BJAAM’s partnering arrangements range from complete data collection services to advanced risk assessment and fate and transport modeling abilities. BJAAM has partnered with several domestic and international environmental engineering firms to help these firms complete their projects using the most versatile data collection techniques and risk assessment services available in the world today. These partnerships generally span several projects and result in long-lasting relationships which mutually benefit both partners and the client. BJAAM also offers confidentiality and non-compete guarantees to all our partners. BJAAM works with its partners not as ordinary clients, but as team members. In many cases, a synergistic combination of talents is discovered between the partners involved in a project.

Partnering Services Offered by BJAAM include:

  • Complete data collection services
  • Peer review
  • Risk assessment
  • Expert witness testimony/litigation support
  • Research
  • Design and preparation of public or private bid specifications
  • Landfill gas/leachate collection and design
  • Landfill permitting and closure

Advantages to partnering with BJAAM include:

  • Immediate expert advice
  • Expedited project completion
  • Enhanced company qualifications
  • Valuable second opinion
  • No intensive resource or personnel development
  • Reduced liability
  • Confidence in the results
  • Defensible and innovative results