BJAAM has managed the removal of thousands of USTs at sites ranging from small retail gas stations to large industrial facilities.  UST regulatory agencies vary widely in their closure requirements from the earliest planning and permitting through inspections, sampling, and reporting.  Our project managers are experienced in planning the job to meet our client’s objectives while also complying with all applicable regulations.  In addition, every tank pull has the opportunity to pose unexpected challenges, and our field personnel are experienced in evaluating and responding to every possible scenario.

As a full-service UST closure contractor, we most frequently handle the following services:

  • Soil characterization for landfill pre-approval
  • Segregation of stockpiles to maximize re-use and minimize landfill use
  • Characterization, removal, and proper disposal on liquid waste from the tank
  • Excavation and removal of subsurface structures
  • Proper disposal of tank and other system components
  • Collection of soil samples from excavation and related piping for lab analysis in accordance with the Ohio Administrative Code
  • Backfill, compaction, and resurfacing of excavation
  • Summary of removal activities in a Closure Report for submission to local agencies