BJAAM provides comprehensive UST corrective action services and guidance through ever-changing and stringent state and federal regulations.  The first responsibility of a tank owner during the early stages of corrective actions is to identify the source of the contamination and then systematically investigate to establish the magnitude and lateral and vertical extents of the contamination.  Thorough site assessment practices are fundamental to maintaining regulatory compliance, but just as importantly they lay the groundwork for making sound decisions later about the use of risk assessment principles or the need for costly remediation.

We own and operate our own drill rigs and environmental equipment to efficiently and safely perform the following site assessment services:

  • Permitting
  • Pre-drilling/excavation utility locating
  • Air knifing and soil vacuuming
  • Soil boring and monitoring well installation (rotary, air rotary, and direct-push)
  • Soil sampling
  • Geotechnical sampling
  • Groundwater sampling (including low-flow)
  • Aquifer characterization (slug, yield, and pump tests)
  • Light Non-aqueous Phase Liquid (LNAPL) recovery
  • Indoor air sampling
  • Soil gas sampling
  • Agency reporting

Our project managers supervise the project beginning to end – site assessment, risk assessment, remediation, monitoring, and, finally, regulatory closure (no further action).  Our field personnel are experienced and trained to complete site activities quickly and efficiently while minimizing disruption to daily activities.  Our decades of proven performance have helped us establish excellent working relationships with regulatory agencies and inspectors, a cooperative exchange that is critically important to getting projects completed on time and on budget.