BJAAM Environmental, Inc. has invested in new water testing equipment for the Remediation Services Team. In a training led by Staff Scientist, Casey Pritchard, the entire team was able to come together and learn the new procedures. The training was divided into two parts: First, Ms. Pritchard demonstrated how to calibrate each piece of equipment. The team was able to practice these skills in the training setting before use in the field. Secondly, the team was able to practice water sampling and testing measures with an on-site monitoring well. Ms. Pritchard demonstrated each step and fully explained each procedure. Assisting her with the demonstration was Tom Shoemaker, Remediation Specialist. He was able to fully develop the monitoring well and collect a viable sample for testing while Ms. Pritchard gave the lesson.

This new testing equipment will allow BJAAM’s Remediation Services Team to accurately assess pH, dissolved oxygen content, conductivity, volatile organic compounds, and oxidation reduction potential. By taking the steps to properly train the entire team, Ms. Pritchard ensured that the correct data will be consistently collected on all remediation sites.  For more information on BJAAM Environmental, Inc.’s available remediation services or for assistance with a project, contact a specialist today at (330) 854-5300!