BJAAM Environmental, Inc. has a tremendous advantage over the competition by possessing both an experienced team of Field Professionals and exemplary onsite equipment. This benefit is passed onto the client by lowering job costs and eliminating scheduling delays. Every BJAAM employee in the field is well-trained and highly skilled in environmental drilling and remediation. Specialized equipment designed by BJAAM’s mechanic provides the ability to conduct field investigations, operate the mobile office, and perform remediation tasks effectively and efficiently.

Mr. Tom Wynne, Director of Field Services, leads the team by ensuring that each and every project is completed with the highest level of proficiency. Mr. Wynne possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from Kent State University and over 16 years of experience in the environmental consulting industry.  He is certified in Monitoring Well Installation from the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP), and an Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) certification in Soil Classification, Description, and Logging for Environmental Professionals. Mr. Wynne is responsible for managing all aspects of fieldwork to meet the ever growing environmental needs of BJAAM’s clientele.

Field Scientist and Rig Geologist, Mr. Patrick Sweeney brings more than 11 years of experience to BJAAM’s team of Field Professionals. While holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from The University of Akron, Mr. Sweeney offers extensive experience in soil mechanics, landfill gas monitoring, leachate control, and storm water pollution prevention. He has continued to expand his knowledge base with OEPA classes including Soil Classification, Description, and Logging Training, Soil Gas Training, Confined Space Entry Training, and Ground Water Development Training. In addition, he is certified in Monitoring Well Installation from WVDEP and API Worksafe. Mr. Sweeney is able to operate any of BJAAM’s vehicles and drilling rigs with proficiency, including rotary and direct push.

BJAAM’s Environmental Technicians have been in the industry for decades and offer comprehensive experience in ground water and soil sampling, drill rig operation, and numerous specialized testing techniques.  Mr. Randall Dykes possesses an Associate degree in Environmental Health and Safety Technology from Stark State College.  He is experienced in rotary and direct push drilling, low-flow and slug testing, water and soil sampling, and free product recovery. Mr. Rob Murray holds a degree in Associated Applied Business from Brown Mackie College and extensive experience in rotary and direct push drilling techniques. Additionally he holds several OEPA certificates for training in Ground Water Well Development and Sampling, Soil Classification, Description, and Logging, and Vapor Intrusion.  All of BJAAM Environmental, Inc.’s team of Field Professionals are certified in OSHA Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response, allowing them to address any onsite environmental concern.

Draftsman and Environmental Technician, Mr. James Breen II is responsible for every professional site map and well log produced by BJAAM. He has completed Computer-Aided Design classes from both Portage Lakes College and Stark State College. Trained by BJAAM’s founding geologists, Mr. Breen offers more than 25 years of experience in the environmental consulting industry. Earlier in his career with BJAAM Environmental, Inc., Mr. Breen was the sole operator of the EarthProbe and was responsible for water and soil sampling, various testing, and free product recovery. As the company developed, his position focused on drafting as BJAAM continued to outshine the competition. In the past year, Mr. Breen was responsible for many of the sketches featured in the 2017 Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations Technical Guidance Manual.

The team of Field Professionals at BJAAM Environmental, Inc. would not be complete without Senior Mechanic, Mr. Kenneth Eddy.  Mr. Eddy offers more than 38 years of industry experience as a machinist, welder, hydraulic engineer, fabricator, and mechanic. He is directly responsible for the maintenance of all vehicles and equipment used by BJAAM’s team of field professionals.  Mr. Eddy has engineered industry-specific equipment including the remediation trailers and specialized drilling machinery. Exclusive to BJAAM Environmental, Inc., this specific equipment enables field personnel to maintain the highest level of efficiency and job safety. With the help of his Assistant Mechanic and son, Cody, Mr. Eddy works hard to keep BJAAM’s fleet on the cutting edge of environmental remediation and drilling technology.

BJAAM Environmental, Inc. offers the highest quality environmental professionals and support teams necessary for any environmental concern. The Field Professionals at BJAAM is thoroughly trained on all aspects of environmental sampling, remediation, and operating heavy vehicles. Masters of both rotary and direct push methods of drilling, these professionals are able to meet client needs safely and effectively. The cornerstones of any environmental project are the experienced technicians and exclusive equipment offered in-house at BJAAM Environmental, Inc. For more information, contact BJAAM Environmental Specialists today at (330) 854-5300!