Congratulations to the Village of Brook Park on the grant awarded from the Ohio Development Services Agency (ODSA) Abandoned Gas Station program! BJAAM Environmental, Inc. has been privileged to assist with this grant application and looks forward to collaborating on future remediation efforts.

The property, located on Engle Road, was originally developed in 1961 as a petroleum retail and automotive service station. Since then, various businesses have used the facility until recent years. These activities left behind evidence of a release from regulated petroleum underground storage tanks and no financially viable responsible party to engage in corrective actions. As a result, the vacant site was granted Class C status from the Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations (BUSTR). BJAAM has completed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment in accordance with the Ohio Voluntary Action Program requirements for this site.

The ODSA Abandoned Gas Station program grant application, which was approved on July 24, 2017, was sponsored by the Village of Brook Park. In collaboration with BJAAM, the Village of Brook Park is helping citizens develop the property into a growing and successful business. BJAAM is proud to have been a part of bringing this special funding to the Village of Brook Park, and looks forward to the opportunity to assist many other communities in the future!

The ODSA, in partnership with the Ohio EPA and BUSTR, offers Abandoned Gas Station grants for demolition, cleanup, and property clearance. The grants can be applied for Fast Track/Assessment funding up to $100,000 and remediation activities for up to $500,000. Call BJAAM Funding Specialist, Jason Grecco at (330) 854-5300 to learn how your community can benefit from assessment and cleanup grants.