Abandoned gas station and canopy located in the center of the Village of Lakeview

Announcing a grant awarded to the Village of Lakeview from the Ohio Development Services Agency’s (ODSA) Abandoned Gas Station (AGS) Program! Over the past three years, the Village of Lakeview, the Logan County Land Reutilization Corporation, and the Ohio UST Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) have been completing due diligence work to make this site eligible for an AGS grant. BJAAM Environmental, Inc. (BJAAM) was privileged to assist with the grant application and looks forward to future assessment and corrective action activities.

Developed in the early 1900s, the former service station and adjacent former retail shop have been vacant for over ten (10) years and have created an eyesore for tourists and village locals.  Currently two (2) abandoned buildings, four (4) out of service underground storage tanks, and two (2) out-of-service above ground storage tanks exist at the site. BJAAM professionals collected soil samples from the dispenser area, and results indicated chemicals of concern above BUSTR action levels.

The site was awarded an AGS Assessment/Corrective Action Grant of $250,000 on May 6, 2019. Once remediation is complete the site will be turned into a grassy green lot, creating a community greenspace for the Village of Lakeview to enjoy for the upcoming fall/winter holidays.

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