An Abandoned Gas Station (AGS) Grant was awarded to Jackson Township Trustees for property located on State Route 42 in Ashland, Ohio. First developed in 1968, the Former Maynard and Son facility served as a gasoline filling station and restaurant for nearly thirty years. However, only an abandoned building still remains on the site.

In 1988, free product was identified in the onsite potable well within 15 feet of the underground storage tanks (USTs). The potable well was taken out of use and the USTs were removed or closed-in-pace and new USTs were installed. Then in 1998, the five (5) USTs were removed by BJAAM. In 2002, the release was granted a Class C designation due to the financial inability to pay.

Due to criminal forfeiture, Ashland County took ownership of the property in 2016. Further action was not initiated on the property until a Phase I Site Walk conducted by BJAAM on February 8, 2018. Ashland County, the property owner, Jackson Township Trustees, grant applicant, and BJAAM have been completing due diligence work in order to make this site eligible for an Abandoned Gas Station (AGS) grant made available through the ODSA.

The Jackson Township Trustees in co-operation with Ashland County Commissioners were awarded an AGS Assessment Grant of $245,000 in August 2018. Jackson Township has plans to redevelop the property for commercial use to serve the people in the community and travelers passing through.